Experience the first
breathing wearable
with live biofeedback.

Less stress,
more life

The first breathing wearable
Live biofeedback
Immersive and interactive app
Breathing exercises which adapt to you
Game-like discovery journey

Your mind and body are speaking to you.

It’s the language of breath.

Are you listening?

Ancient wisdom meets
state-of-the-art technology.

The sensor

A pebble-sized device packed with four state-of-the-art sensors which capture your biofeedback with ultimate precision.

The garment

E-textile components are integrated into our eco-friendly, ultra-comfy lounge shirt and bra, made with micromodal fabric, for all-day comfort and for sleepwear.

The Oxa Life app

The Oxa Life app uses your real-time vitals to highlight the significance every breath has on your state of mind and emotions. It guides you with immersive audio and visual exercises responding to your breathing and emotions, designed like a discovery game.

The exercises are for all breathers - beginners and seasoned pros.

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Why breathing?

Did you know that breathing is the only vital sign we can control, to influence how we feel and how we think?

Oxa is here to help you unlock your full breathing potential.

Time to exhale…