Elina Miteniece

Ph.D., is a public health expert, university teacher, and health researcher. Her focus revolves around ensuring access and equity in healthcare, particularly emphasizing maternity care and the initial 1000 days of a child.

The Intricate Connection: Illness and Increased Heart Rate

This article aims to explore the nuanced connection between illness and an elevated heart rate, shedding light on the physiological mechanisms and the broader implications for overall health.

Mastering Stressful Moments: The Power of Breath for Better Results

Life is filled with challenges, and navigating through stressful moments is an inevitable part of the journey. Whether it's a tight deadline at work, a difficult conversation, or a personal setback, stress can impact our well-being and hinder our ability to perform at our best. However, one simple and effective tool that can be harnessed to manage stress is the power of controlled breathing.

How Shallow Breathing Is Making Life Harder for Your Body

Breathing is a fundamental aspect of human life, essential for supplying oxygen to our cells and expelling carbon dioxide. However, not all breaths are created equal. Shallow breathing, also known as chest or thoracic breathing, is a common yet often overlooked pattern that can have profound effects on our health.