Oxa is recommended by real people
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What coaches say about Oxa:

Tom Williams
“Oxa is small, compact and it feels really good to wear, it’s quite amazing”
Ryan Carroll
“Oxa gives fully live feedback to your HRV (Heart rate variability)”
Danny Massa
“Oxa is giving you advice and taking out all the guess work”
Martin McPhilimey
“I have never felt so calm and relaxed”
Jake Twomey
"Feel the benefits of this 7-minute guided body scan practice"
Jesse Coomer
“I believe that awerness is the foundation of all positive change”
Dr. Sarah Silverman
“Oxa measures your heart rate, respiration and calmness levels in real time”

Loved by thousands of happy users

Mike F.

“The coherent breathing freaking works and the immersive audio is really surprisingly well produced.”


Sophia G.

"After using Oxa for about a month, my panic attacks have melted away.”

United Kingdom

Doortje V.

“Oxa has made me more calm. I’ve integrated resonance breathing into my daily morning routine to help me deal with my anxious feelings."


Christian F.

“I’ve been using Oxa to help me deal with burnout. It helps to get instant relief when the symptoms get too strong."


Levy S.

”I'm 77 years old and I have cancer. Oxa helps me work through the toughest breathing problems.”


Sophie R.

“I love Oxa! The breathing helps me deal with stress at work. As a physio, I often have 10 min between clients— just enough time to get into resonance”


What customers say about Oxa

Recommended by health professionals

Dr Mehdi Namdar, Cardiologist & Electrophysiologist, University Hospital Geneva who is a recommended health professional that supports the use of the Oxa breathing exercise device

“I am impressed by the smart technology generating such an excellent ECG signal quality. These tracings are very much comparable to those which are used in the daily clinical settings of cardiology.”

Dr. Mehdi Namdar

Cardiologist & Electrophysiologist, University Hospital Geneva

 Dr. Frederic Lador from Biosensors and Bioelectronics, ETH Zurich, supports using the Oxa breathing exercise device to measure breathing and ECG

"Oxa shows the impact of breathing on vital signs in real-time by simply wearing a garment. This makes it a truly unique tool"

Dr. Frederic Lador

Head of Sleep and Pulmonology, University Hospital Geneva

 Dr. Martin Glöckler, Head of Pediatric Cardiology University Hospital Bern who, says that the Oxa breathing exercise device is good for analyzing stress

"We tested the 24h ECG quality and it did not differ from medical-grade adhesive electrodes. This technology is exciting and would be helpful in stress examinations for both male and female patients."

Dr. Martin Glöckler

Head of Pediatric Cardiology, University Hospital Bern

Prof. Janos Vörös, Biosensors and Bioelectronics, ETH Zurich, says the Oxa breathing exercise device is excellent for measuring both breathing and ECG

“As a professor of bioelectronics, I appreciate finally having access to a technology that can reliably and precisely measure both breathing and ECG. I really enjoy experimenting with it to take control over my mental health in a scientific manner.”

Prof. Janos Vörös

Biosensors and Bioelectronics, ETH Zurich

Prof. Hugo Silva, Biosignals & Data Science, Instituto Superior Técnico Lisbon, said that the comfort provided by the Oxa breathing exercise device is impressive

"I was impressed with the signal quality, the skin adhesion and the comfort enabled by the ElectroSkin textile electrode technology"

Prof. Hugo Silva

Biosignals & Data Science, Instituto Superior Técnico Lisbon

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