Serge Weydert

Ph.D., is Co-Founder, Scientific Lead and Board Member at Oxa Life. As a neuroscientist and electrical engineer by training, Serge is committed to health innovation. His philosophy centers around empowering people by demystifying health data and restoring control over personal health through actionable insights.

Low Heart Rate Variability Symptoms: What to Watch Out For?

In the intricate web of health indicators, Heart Rate Variability (HRV) can be seen as a silent messenger, reflecting the resilience and adaptability of our bodies. However, when this subtle rhythm falters, it can signal underlying issues that demand attention. Beyond the pulse of the heart, HRV intricately ties into our respiratory system, emphasizing the pivotal role of proper breathing in maintaining overall health.

Breathing Techniques to Halt Panic Attacks in Their Tracks

Breathing – it's the rhythm of life that we often take for granted. Yet, in the throes of a panic attack, it becomes alarmingly central, as each breath feels like a struggle against an invisible force. Understanding the science of panic and mastering specific breathing techniques can not only provide instant relief but also become a powerful ally in your mental health toolkit.