In a world where quick diagnoses are the norm, atypical breathing often slips through the cracks, leaving many with unresolved symptoms and a deteriorating quality of life. People experiencing chronic fatigue, brain fog, or diffuse pains accompanied by shortness of breath are frequently overlooked by the medical system when no severe pulmonary condition is detected. This very issue motivated Karin Lammering, a pulmonary function technologist and breathing specialist and an Oxa ambassador, to open the first-of-its-kind private pulmonary function center in The Hague, Netherlands.

LongfunctiecentrumO2CO2 is a unique space dedicated to those whose respiratory complaints are frequently underrated but, unfortunately, often lead to late diagnoses. Karin, alongside her colleague Roel Jonkhoff, MD, PhD, identified a pattern linking these symptoms to a condition they named Breathing Related Energy Insufficiency Syndrome (BREIS). This condition, associated with chronic hyperventilation and a significant reduction in tissue oxygenation due to abnormal CO2 levels, is likely triggered by the chronic stress of modern life. This chronic hyperventilation plays an important role in disorders like post-COVID syndrome or Long Covid, asthma, fibromyalgia, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), and sleep disorders.

Resetting One's Breathing

Chronic hyperventilation leads to a downward shift in blood CO2 levels, prompting the kidneys to maintain normal pH by excreting acids. Patients are often totally unaware of their abnormal breathing patterns. The result locks patients into over-breathing—if they breathe less, their pH drops significantly, which their bodies prevent at all costs.

Over a 3-4 month coaching trajectory, a patient's breathing pattern can be slowly reset to regular breathing with typical CO2 levels, leading to normalized oxygen metabolism in the tissues. This gradual process brings a sense of relief as once the tissue can "breathe" again, the fatigue disappears.

With rapid breathingWith calm breathingChronic fatigueMore energyMuscle tirednessBetter enduranceLoss of concentrationFocusNervousness and irritabilityVitalityHeadaches and migrainesNo more shortness of breathHigh blood pressureRegular blood pressureAsthma / Bronchitis / Hay feverLess coughingEczema / AllergiesFewer allergiesAnxiety attacksLess burnoutPoor sleep and sleep apneaBetter sleepVague hyperventilation symptomsHyperventilation disappears

Oxa's Part in Enhancing Patients' Control

To help their patients, LongfunctiecentrumO2CO2 taps into the power of the Buteyko breathing technique, complemented by the Oxa wearable. This dynamic duo works together to gently reduce breathing volume and frequency, turning every breath into a step toward wellness. With the Oxa app in play, patients and coaches can see real-time data on breathing patterns, using advanced metrics like heart rate variability (HRV) and sleep pattern recognition to fine-tune the practice. The center's official medical equipment also tracks improvements, ensuring every change is noted and nurtured.

The outcomes are more than promising. Patients report a significant reduction in complaints as their breathing patterns improve. For the younger ones, Oxa wearable turns respiratory health into a fun, engaging game that keeps them hooked and eager to improve. It's heartwarming to witness children, once sidelined by their symptoms, now thriving—performing better in school and even swinging into gymnastics with newfound energy and enthusiasm.

A Step Forward in Patient-Centric Care

This partnership between Oxa and LongfunctiecentrumO2CO2 exemplifies integrating technology and specialized care in addressing complex health issues. This collaboration enhances the capability to diagnose and treat subtle pulmonary conditions and serves as a model for patient-centered care that prioritizes understanding, accessibility, and long-term wellness.

Karin Lammering
May 28, 2024

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