The second Friday of January, often dubbed 'Quitters Day', marks the time when many people bid farewell to their New Year's resolutions. If you find yourself among those who've struggled to stick to their goals, take solace in knowing you're not alone. According to Forbes Health, a mere 6% of individuals maintain their resolutions throughout the year. But fear not, we've got tips to help you be part of that successful minority in 2024.

Tip #1: The Power of Process Focus

One primary reason New Year's resolutions falter is the emphasis on end goals without a clear pathway to achievement. To turn this around:

  • Break down large goals into smaller, actionable steps. Instead of a vague goal like "losing weight," commit to exercising three times a week.
  • For goals like "stressing less," incorporate daily Oxa breathing exercises. Small, consistent actions lead to sustainable progress and eventual success.

Tip #2: Embracing Imperfection over Perfectionism

Perfectionism can be a major hindrance, leading to burnout and a feeling of never being good enough. As Dr. Adam Grant, an organizational psychology expert, warns:

"If perfectionism were a medication, the label would alert us to common side effects. 'Warning: may cause stunted growth.” — Dr. Adam Grant

Remember, it's better to do something small or imperfect than nothing at all. Missing a gym session doesn't invalidate a 10-minute yoga routine. Every effort counts.

Tip #3: Strengthening Your Willpower Muscle

Neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Huberman highlights that willpower is intrinsically linked to our autonomic nervous system function and is at its strongest when we are well-rested. Sleep deprivation, stress, and distractions can significantly diminish our willpower.

To bolster your resolutions:


New Year's resolutions don't have to be a source of annual disappointment. By focusing on the process, embracing imperfection, and strengthening your willpower through effective tools and habits, you can transform your resolutions from fleeting wishes to achievable realities. Let's make 2024 the year of sustained success and personal growth.

Angelina Sarycheva
May 28, 2024

MA, CPT accredited by The International Sports Science Association, is a health writer and Content Lead at Oxa Life. With over five years in the health and wellness industry, her expertise, rooted in hands-on experience with leading wellness brands, is to deliver impactful health content to a global audience.

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