Our Strategy for Diverse Teams

Monitor your study participants day and night, whether in-lab or at-home, and obtain highly accurate body metrics such as ECG, HRV, breathing, sleep metrics, and stress levels.
Elevate client satisfaction with in-house and at-home treatments for optimal recovery, sleep, and stress management. Gain valuable metrics to enhance customer support.
Empower your team's performance and well-being. Elevate focus, proactively prevent burnouts, and unleash their potential for sustained success and growth.
Help your soldiers, officers, or volunteers calm down and prepare for action, build resilience to extreme circumstances, and improve sleep quality.
Track your patients' sleep patterns and vital signs 24/7. Analyze their data remotely and provide virtual support to strengthen treatment results.
Create a burnout-proof workplace, and retain talent with an employee well-being solution that actively helps to alleviate stress and turns your company into a 'great place to work.'

Our Holistic Approach

Customized Team Support
Boost team engagement and performance by leveraging data-driven insights like HR, HRV, and sleep patterns for personalized coaching and informed decision-making.

Data-Driven Progress
Monitor your team's progress with Oxa Team Solutions. Enhance performance and unlock full potential with real-time data.

Virtual Wellness Support
Provide remote support and guidance for your team members or patients and ensure they stay on track with your well-being program or treatment.

Maximize your team's results.

Immediate stress reduction
HRV boost after only 1 week
Reduction in time to fall asleep
Improvement in sleep quality

Advanced breathwork for enhanced teamwork.

Oxa Team Solutions equips your team with highly-effective and science-backed breathing exercises designed to alleviate stress, enhance focus and improve sleep quality – in just a few minutes.

Help your people reset their busy minds and create a healthier lifestyle with Oxa Team Solutions.

A Dashboard to monitor the team's success.

Combine all individual vital signs, data history, and analytics into one dashboard for a comprehensive overview.

Transform data like HR, HRV, breathing and sleep analytics into actionable steps leading to greater well-being. Track your team's progress, identify opportunities for improvement, and enhance your group results.

Oxa Team Solutions will ensure your organization stays compliant and your team members' data private.

Coming Soon!

Easy integration: Oxa data, your apps

Looking for business apps that leverage Oxa data? Oxa Team Solutions API integrates team members' data seamlessly through the Oxa Cloud.

Access your team's health metrics and insight, monitor progress, and manage personalized breathing exercises from anywhere, at any time - and at the highest security levels.

Coming Soon!

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