Introduction: Discover the Power of Breath with Oxa

Welcome to this "Oxa's Essentials" guide. We wrote this guide for those already using Oxa who would like some guidance on how to make the most out of Oxa for their practice. We provide a variety of breathing routines with specific goals in mind, as well as highlight important exercises and our team's favorites. We hope you find this guide useful for your regular breathing practice.

Simplify your breathing practice with Oxa Routines

Whether you want to reduce stress, increase energy, or enhance focus, we have a routine that suits you. Each routine features a "quick fix" exercise for immediate effects and two to three exercises selected for long-term benefits. Consider committing to one exercise per day or challenge yourself by completing the entire set daily. We recommend completing all exercises in one session, lasting 5 to 20 minutes, depending on how many you complete. Splitting them throughout the day is perfectly fine, but a single session will help establish a strong habit. Select a routine that fits your current goal best:

Instant Stress Relief for a rapid reset

Mitigate Stress to prevent burning out

Boost Energy for a revitalizing uplift

Enhance Focus to get things done faster and better

Improve Breath Control for stress resilience and breath efficiency

Sleep Better to boost recovery and reduce stress

For the routine to be effective, you should aim at performing at least one exercise a day. Complete the entire routine for maximum benefits: the exercises have been carefully chosen to complement each other and achieve the specific goals.

The Oxa Routine’s in Detail

Instant Stress Relief - A Rapid Reset for Your Busy Day

  • What It Is: A 3-minute quick relief exercise a day. A simple but effective routine to get you started.
  • When to Use: Between meetings or whenever time is scarce but you need a quick recharge.
  • How It Works: This 3-minute exercise uses alternations between deactivation followed by prolonged activation of the parasympathetic nervous system to ease stress efficiently.
  • Benefits: Immediate reduction of stress, sharpened focus, and an energy boost.
  • Exercise selection:some text
    • Quick fix and daily exercise practice: “Instant Stress Relief II“

Mitigate Stress Routine - Sustain Your Balance with Breathing

  • What It Is: A daily routine to keep stress at bay and prevent burnout.
  • When to Use: Perfect for integrating into your daily routine to manage a hectic life.
  • How It Works: Uses extended exhales to calm down the brain and resonance breathing to activate and train the parasympathetic nervous system through blood pressure oscillations.
  • Benefits: Enhanced ability to handle stress, emotional steadiness, and less friction in social interactions.
  • Exercise selection:some text
    • Quick fix exercise: “Instant Stress Relief“
    • Daily practice exercise:some text
      • “Resonance breathing” (Any resonance breathing exercise)
      • ”Achieve deep calm”
      • ”Minimal Breathing“

Boost Energy - Revitalize Yourself with Dynamic Breathing

  • What It Is: Energizing techniques to awaken your body and mind.
  • When to Use: Whenever you're in need of a mental and physical uplift.
  • How It Works: Combines hyperventilation and minimal breathing practice to change CO2 and O2 levels and engage strong changes in the autonomous nervous system activity, activating and rebalancing it.
  • Benefits: A surge in vitality, improved immunity, and mental clarity.
  • Exercise selection:some text
    • Quick fix exercise: “Longest breath hold“
    • Daily practice exercise:some text
      • “Power Breathing” (any power breathing exercise)
      • “Free diver's CO2 training”

Enhance Focus - Sharpen Your Concentration

  • What It Is: Techniques to enhance focus and productivity.
  • When to Use: Before diving into tasks requiring deep concentration.
  • How It Works: Activates and balances the autonomous nervous system for mental readiness.
  • Benefits: Peak productivity, enhanced cognitive capabilities, and an ideal mental state for task execution.
  • Exercise selection:some text
    • Quick fix exercise: “10 cycle focus hack“
    • Daily practice exercise:some text
      • “Find comfort in Anxietxy”
      • “Box breathing”
      • “Flow resonance”

Improve Breath Control - Control Your Breath, Control Your Calm

  • What It Is: Exercises for better breathing efficiency during stress.
  • When to Use: In moments of overwhelm or to enhance breath control.
  • How It Works: Emphasizes prolonged exhales, breath holds and controlled breathing for calm.
  • Benefits: Greater resilience in stressful situations, improved breathing technique, and a serene sense of control.
  • Exercise selection:some text
    • Quick fix exercise: “10 cycle focus hack“
    • Daily practice exercise:some text
      • “Free diver's CO2 training”
      • ”Longest Exhale training”
      • ”Catana”

Sleep better - Wind down to fall asleep faster and get a more restful sleep

  • What It Is: A calming routine to prepare your body and mind for restful sleep, ideal for enhancing sleep quality and morning freshness
  • When to Use: Use routine before you go to sleep.
  • How It Works: Employs slow, rhythmic breathing and muscle relaxation to signal your body it's time to sleep.
  • Benefits: This routine helps you fall asleep quicker and reduces wakefulness during the night. It's effective for calming racing thoughts and easing sleep anxiety, leading to improved sleep quality and energy upon waking.
  • Exercise selection:some text
    • Daily practice exercise as sleep preparation:some text
      • “Relax your body to sleep”
      • ”Sleep resonance”

Oxa's Curated Exercise Recommendations

From rapid stress relief to focused breathing for energy, Oxa's selection caters to various needs. Explore our guide for detailed routines.

Featured Picks:

  • Quick Solutions: 180-second refresh, 18 Resonant Breaths.
  • Stress Relief: Instant Stress Relief methods.
  • Focus Enhancement: Box Breathing 4:4:4:4, Flow Resonance 5:8.

Exploring Effective Breathing Techniques

Cyclic Sighing:

  • A fast track to stress relief with deep inhales and slow exhales.

Resonance Breathing:

  • For mental balance and clarity, follow a rhythm of 4 to 6 breath per minute.

Extended Exhales and Breath Holds:

  • Foster relaxation and focus by emphasizing longer exhales and practicing intermittent breath holding.

Minimal Breathing:

  • Enhance calm and resilience by building CO2 tolerance.

Track Your Progress with Oxa

With Oxa, you can monitor your advancements through intuitive metrics, understanding your calmness score, heart rate changes, and more. Tailor your practice for maximum impact.

Conclusion: Your Breath, Your Edge

Consider this: In today's fast-paced and stressful world,, learning to control your breath can be a powerful tool. Oxa is not just about using calming words to make you feel better. Instead, it's about making tangible progress, finding clarity in chaos, and pushing your limits with every breath. Let's not just keep up with the pace; let's set it together.

Angelina Sarycheva
May 28, 2024

MA, CPT accredited by The International Sports Science Association, is a health writer and Content Lead at Oxa Life. With over five years in the health and wellness industry, her expertise, rooted in hands-on experience with leading wellness brands, is to deliver impactful health content to a global audience.

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