Meditation didn't work: Anna's Story

Last fall, Anna found herself at a pivotal professional crossroad. Amidst the exhausting and stressful task of job hunting, she realized she needed additional support to cope with the mental strain. Although she explored various mindfulness techniques, none seemed to yield an actual result. The stress and anxiety she was grappling with remained.

The Quest for Calm: Understanding the Limits of Traditional Meditation

“As I explored ways to calm my mind and reduce anxiety, I learned about the idea of emptying the mind. I tried different meditation techniques and apps like Headspace and Calm. To my surprise, these experiences felt fleeting and unsatisfying. While they had relaxing audio sessions, they didn't provide the deep tranquility and understanding I was looking for.”

Discovering a New Solution: Oxa's Unconventional Approach to Breathing

“Oxa entered my life as I navigated a job transition. Trying the Oxa bra during this period allowed me to thoroughly understand what it could do. The contrast was evident right from the start.”

“Unlike typical mindfulness apps that rely on abstract ideas, Oxa takes a practical route. It offers immediate feedback on how my body reacts and explains the underlying processes. For example, I discovered that a deep exhale prompts the release of calming chemicals. What's incredible is that Oxa's guidance matched these discoveries, actually delivering the sense of calm it claimed.”

Embracing Change: Harnessing Immediate and Long-term Stress Relief

“The first time I tried coherent breathing, stress relief was nearly instant. This approach left a strong mark on me – to the extent that I now practice it even when I don't have Oxa with me physically. While its impact may be slightly reduced without Oxa, the fundamental advantages persist. Oxa's special knack for fine-tuning breathing and heart rate to align with coherent breathing frequencies certainly plays a role in its remarkable success.”

A New Approach: Oxa's Role in a Fresh Chapter

“As I prepare for a new job opportunity, this upcoming chapter presents the perfect opportunity to weave Oxa into my daily routine as a vital practice. As I embark on this fresh journey, Oxa will remain a constant companion, fortifying my mental strength and infusing each day with calm and satisfaction.”


Anna's experience highlights the effectiveness of an inventive stress management approach. Oxa's fusion of scientific understanding, live biofeedback, and personalized exercises has not just offered instant relief, but also established the groundwork for a more serene and satisfying life journey. Try Oxa now to unleash your life's full potential!

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Angelina Sarycheva
May 28, 2024

MA, CPT accredited by The International Sports Science Association, is a health writer and Content Lead at Oxa Life. With over five years in the health and wellness industry, her expertise, rooted in hands-on experience with leading wellness brands, is to deliver impactful health content to a global audience.

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