We're excited to share that Oxa is now featured in Your Health Your Pharmacy, a publication from the National Pharmacy Association (NPA). The NPA represents the voice of independent community pharmacies across the UK. Their core mission is to foster the success of these pharmacies, ensuring they continue to serve as vital community health resources delivering valuable benefits to patients and the NHS.

Pharmacies are often seen as the first line of defense in healthcare, dubbed the 'front door to health' because of their accessibility and the integral role they play in community health management. This makes them the perfect venue for Oxa, with our commitment to improving public access to innovative health solutions.

Our presence in over 10,000 pharmacies across the UK—reaching more than 90% of the population—ensures that those dealing with stress and sleep-related challenges can now easily access vital information and support for their health directly through their trusted local pharmacy.

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The Science Behind Oxa: Breathing Your Way to Better Health

Stress and sleep disturbances often go hand-in-hand, affecting millions worldwide. Research consistently links high stress levels to poor sleep quality, which can stem from a number of causes including work pressures, family responsibilities, chronic illnesses, and more. However, guided breathing techniques offer a promising solution to break this cycle.

Developed by a dedicated team of neuroscientists and biomechanical engineers, Oxa is an award-winning wearable that leverages personalized breathing exercises, scientifically proven to foster relaxation and improve sleep. This tool is particularly effective because of its use of resonance breathing—a technique that harmonizes your breath with your heart rate to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, your body's natural relaxation response.

Using the Oxa app, users are guided through immersive audiovisual programs designed to alleviate anxiety, stress, and sleeplessness. Real-time monitoring of breathing and heart rates allows users to see and feel the immediate benefits of their exercises, making it an indispensable tool for anyone looking to enhance their mental and physical wellbeing.

By promoting Oxa in community pharmacies, we are taking a significant step towards making data driven health solutions more accessible to the general public. Whether it's managing stress or improving sleep, Oxa provides a practical, science-backed method for enhancing personal health and wellness. For more information, visit our website or contact your local NPA pharmacy to discover how Oxa can help you take control of your health today.

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What is the NHS?

The National Health Service (NHS) encompasses the publicly funded healthcare systems in the United Kingdom. Established in 1948, it aims to provide comprehensive healthcare to all UK residents based on need rather than the ability to pay. The NHS is renowned globally for its high standards of patient care.

How can I access NHS services?

The NHS offers a wealth of information through its website, which is the UK's largest health website with over 50 million visits a month. You can also find NHS content on various partner websites, apps, and other platforms. For specific services in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, please visit the respective local NHS websites.

What is the National Pharmacy Association's role?

The National Pharmacy Association (NPA) serves as the representative voice for independent community pharmacies across the UK. It provides critical services and support to help these entities thrive in a challenging healthcare landscape, emphasizing the indispensable role of pharmacies in community health.

Angelina Sarycheva
May 28, 2024

MA, CPT accredited by The International Sports Science Association, is a health writer and Content Lead at Oxa Life. With over five years in the health and wellness industry, her expertise, rooted in hands-on experience with leading wellness brands, is to deliver impactful health content to a global audience.

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