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Better sleep & less stress with Oxa!

95% of user reported immediate stress reduction

94% of user reported HRV boost within 1 week

51% or 13 minutes less to fall asleep

50% improved sleep quality on Groningen's sleep score

Improve sleep and stress with Oxa

Oxa exercises are scientifically backed, and the positive effect can be felt in just a few minutes.

  • Daytime: Wear the Oxa band for quick energy boosts or relaxation throughout the day. Gain insights into vitals and stress levels.
  • Nighttime: Use the comfortable Oxa shirt or bra for faster sleep onset. Monitor vitals and stress during the night.

Sensor, Garment & App

  • 3-part wearable: State-of-the-art sensor + smart garment + Oxa Life app
  • Oxa shirt or bra: Designed for comfortable sleep
  • Oxa band: Designed for versatile day-time use
  • Machine washable e-textile made with comfy micromodal fabric
  • One sensor, as many garments as you want
  • Free Oxa Life app: No subscription fees or paid content

Technical specifications

Detailed Technical Specifications for Oxa Smart Garment and Sensor Connectivity.

Smart Garment
Care instructions



How to wear, use, and maintain Oxa. How is it different, and how it works.

How Oxa helps in reducing stress and improving sleep?

Oxa uses instant audio-visual biofeedback to guide the user through scientifically backed breathing exercises - effective within as little as 2 minutes.
These exercises are often based on resonance breathing (your optimal breathing frequency) - which is now much easier to learn thanks to Oxa's immediate feedback and guidance.

What is resonance breathing?

Resonance breathing is a powerful technique that syncs your heart rate and breathing- hence resonating.

This resonance differs for each person and occurs at breathing paces of 4 to 7 breaths per minute - much slower than the typical 12 to 20 breaths per minute during the day.
When in resonance, your parasympathetic nervous system is activated with each exhale - with an immediate relaxing and comforting effect.

What is the advantage of Oxa versus a smartwatch or meditation app?

The secret lies in the instant biofeedback.
Breathing is like music, where you learn your body's 'notes' and adjust them in real time. Unlike other wearables, Oxa can measure your live (> 200ms delay) breathing and heart activity. With this instant biofeedback, you can learn to use your breathing to get into "resonance" and relax. Oxa leads the breathing revolution at the intersection of Western and Eastern techniques. Interactive and immersive, Oxa is science and data-driven, different from meditation apps.

What is instant biofeedback?

Instant biofeedback assesses your body and mind with less than 200 ms delay - instant in human perception.

This allows you to intuitively learn how your body reacts to both external inputs and internal efforts.

Oxa uses this feedback to teach you various breathing techniques to improve stress management, sleep, and energy, the top one being resonance breathing. As a result, you will achieve an optimal personal relaxation frequency.

Is it comfortable to wear Oxa?

Oxa is comfortable by design and is meant to be worn day and night. The micromodal fabric is natural, light, and stretchable. Think 'high-tech pajamas.'

But don't take our word for it. Here's what our users say about Oxa on TrustPilot:

The app was easy to navigate, making it a pleasant experience. The sports bra was very comfortable, making it easy to wear for long periods of time. - Rocia Valera

The fabric of the bra is soft and comfortable. - Talita

Concerning the band itself, it's very comfortable, and I don't have any issue wearing it on a daily basis. - Hugo YecheGreat tool! Super comfortable and easy to use. Breathe & relax…feeling so much better! -

Is the Oxa app free?

Yes, the Oxa Life app is entirely free. There are no subscription fees or paid content.

Can Oxa be washed?

Yes. After disconnecting the sensor, Oxa garments can be machine-washed at least 100 times at 30°C.
In addition, Oxa comes with a unique washing bag assuring it will stay comfy and neat for a long-time. However, Oxa cannot be tumble dried.

Can I use Oxa during sports?

Oxa was designed for a relaxed, comfortable environment.
While Oxa can also be worn during physical activity (like in the gym or while running), the data will capture your movement and heart and respiratory rate changes.
If you want to exercise with Oxa, we recommend a tight body fit, where the Oxa band is the best choice of garment.